[VLSP2019-HSD Task] Announcements for the HateSpeechDetection challenge



Dear all,

We’re happy to announce the semi-final list ( TOP3 ) of the HateSpeechDetection challenge [1] and the TOP5 teams who can write up papers as follows:

  1. The TOP3 : the three candidates for the final list are: SunBear (1st place), ABCD (2nd place), Try hard (3rd place). Two on-hold teams are Cr4zy (on-hold), and BA (on-hold). If any teams of the TOP3 do not submit the paper on time, any on-hold teams will replace their places when they submitted papers on time. Thus, on-hold teams , please also write a paper in advance because you might get a chance to get into the TOP3. We will send emails to on-hold teams if there are missing places on the TOP3 after the paper deadline. However, the deadline for your submission will be very short, therefore, on-hold teams should prepare the papers in advance.
  2. The TOP5 : since the ranking list on public-test and private-test are some-what different, we are happy to announce that the TOP5 teams of the public-test are qualified to submit papers as well. When the papers get accepted, these teams will get certificates for joining the challenge. The TOP5 teams of the public-test are in Table 1.

We have a kindly request (but not mandatory) to the TOP5 teams: when writing the papers, it would be very useful if you have a section discussing on the task and give a hint on what might be the reason for the big difference between public and private test. We know that the HateSpeechDetection task in Vietnamese is not easy, therefore, your insights are very valuable for future work.

# Public Private
1 Try hard* SunBear (1st place)
2 HH_UIT ABCD (2nd place)
3 titanic Try hard (3rd place)
4 ABCD* Cr4zy (on-hold)
5 TIN HUYNH BA (on-hold)

Table1: Public and Private Ranking List. The * symbol denotes that these teams

also got into the TOP3 of the Private-Test.

  1. Lastly, regarding the writing paper process:

a. Deadline to submit papers for the HateSpeechDetection challenge is at 23:59 on Oct 9th, 2019. Authors are invited to submit papers of up to 8 pages, in English.

b. For the template , please use the IEEE standard template [2].

c. For the paper submission , please submit to the workshop management website [3].

[1] https://www.aivivn.com/contests/8

[2] https://www.ieee.org/conferences_events/conferences/publishing/templates.html

[3] https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=vlsp2019

If you have any questions regarding the next steps, please kindly ask here or on the forum. We’re happy to answer.


/The HateSpeechDetection Team


Anh cho em được hỏi, các team ở trong Top 3 - private test set, sau khi hoàn thành việc nộp paper (theo như yêu cầu từ phía BTC) thì mình có cần phải báo cáo ở Hà Nội không ạ ?


Có em ơi, mai a sẽ email thông báo chính thức nhé.